Manufactured to comply with ASTM and AASHTO Standard Specifications 


A full range of standard bitumen grades are available to various international standards used in different countries. Additional Penetration grades complying with EN 12591 can also be sourced depending on project requirements

40/50 PEN I 50/70 PEN I 60/70 PEN I 80/100 PEN I 100/120 PEN I 120/150 PEN


Oxidized Grade Bitumen complying with BS EN 13304:2009 for Industrial applications

Incorporating selected high-quality solvents ORJ manufactures all grades and types of Cutback bitumen to meet the requirement of different project specifications.​

MC-30 I MC-70 I MC-250 I MC-800 I MC-3000

RC-70 I RC-250 I RC-800 I RC-3000

All types of rapid to slow setting bitumen emulsion both anionic and cationic .

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